Bead Crochet Ropes

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A definitive work on how to create slip-stitch bead-crochet ropes for the novice or advanced bead-crocheter.  The novice will find precise photographs of how to work a bead-crochet stitch with all of the needed information to begin making ropes. The experienced bead-crocheter will find exciting new patterns and design ideas to challenge their creativity.

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Lydia Borin, Beadwrangler says, "Bead Crochet Ropes is a 'keeper.' I highly recommend purchasing this book."

Paula S. Morgan, Your Guide to Beadwork, says, "A very fine book, well worth the price."

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Deb Moffet-Hall says, "Judith's instructions and the wonderful photographs in this book are the only reason I now know how to bead crochet - and LIKE IT!"  Book review, Issue 2 of Bead Patterns, The Magazine

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            Bead Crochet

These supple, sensuous ropes have once again become popular and are currently being used as design elements along with other beadwork or as individual pieces of jewelry.  Bracelets without a clasp that roll over your hand to stack up on your wrist with never a clank or clang;  Lariats to twine about your neck or hang sensuously long to twirl as the mood strikes you.

  • Step-by-Step instructions and illustrations - learn how to crochet a rope

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  • Helpful Hints and Design ideas throughout the book

  • Advanced  Design Ideas for the creative and accomplished bead crocheter

  • 17 Individual patterns

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  • 6 Complete Projects from bracelets to necklaces

  • Full instructions for the Wisteria Lariat

  • Basic & Advanced Techniques

  • Gallery of Contemporary Works