Patterns & Graphing

for Bead Crochet Ropes

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This is a comprehensive work on how to create your own graphed patterns for slip-stitch bead-crochet ropes.   The novice will find enough patterns to keep them busy for many months.   The experienced bead-crocheter will  find   sufficient information to design their own patterns or change the printed patterns for a real challenge to their creativity.

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Mel Simmonds, Medieval Needle says, "Once you learn to bead crochet, this book will take you further on your journey. The patterns are inspiring and can be worked alone or in combination. Again, the charts and graphs are easy to read and the instructions are easy to follow. You can even learn to graph your own designs (and it works even if you're not an artist!)."

gallery2.jpg (50033 bytes)Beverly Herman, No Easy Beads, says, "This book will spark your creativity to a new level with bead crochet. Judith takes you to a higher level, teaching you how to graph your own patterns. The projects in this book will keep you busy creating designs that will be sure to get many compliments when you wear them."

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Patterns, Patterns 
&  More Patterns

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Bead Crochet ropes have been popular since Victorian times.  With the wealth of bead colors & choices available to us today, they have been growing in popularity once again.

The first book,  "Bead Crochet Ropes" explored many of the textural possibilities in slip-stitch ropes.  This book builds on that information and allows the artist to add graphed designs to their work.  It contains enough patterns to keep anybody busy for a lengthy time.  When you're ready to try your original patterns it shows you how to graph those designs.

  • Over 30 individual graphed designs

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  • Unique Nature Patterns - Scotty, birds, turtle

  • Design alternatives for many of the patterns

  • Eight complete projects

  • A review of the slip-stitch technique  

  • Concise instructions in how to add in thread

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  • Blank graph paper to copy

  • A gallery of contemporary work