"How to Bead Crochet"

an instructional DVD that covers the important points of learning the bead crochet technique.

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This DVD walks you through the important points of that you need to know about learning this versatile technique.  Itshows you what the key points for success are and shares tips and tricks  learned from years of teaching.

Bead crochet is based on two simple crochet stitches, but when beads are added into the mix, it requires concentrated work and practice for the technique to click in. Follow along, stop and look at each step, or go back to review areas that you need additional help with.

The DVD contains the following Menu:

  • Introduction

  • Tools and Materials

  • Review of Crochet Basics

  • Bead Crochet Stitch

  • Tips and Fixes

  • Invisible Join

  • Focal Bead Join

  • Gallery

  • Seven Sample Patterns



" Learn bead crochet from  a master ( IMHO!) You get over an hours worth on this DVD that shows you step by step how to master the technique of bead crochet. If you are not a "book learner" and need a classroom setting, this is perfect for you!" - Cindy Tipton, Cindy's Crafts, Tennessee





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