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Bead Crochet Ropes


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Patterns & Graphing
Bead Crochet Ropes

Page14 - Bamboo Bracelet

The stringing table should read:

1C, 2A, 5S                 3B, 5D

2C, 1A, 5S                 1A, 2B, 5D

3C, 1S, 3X, 1S           2A, 1B, 5D

1B, 2C, 5S                 3A, 5D

2B, 1C, 5S


Corrected in the Second Printing July 2006
Page 15 - Diamonds & Daggers 16" Necklace

Materials for 16" necklace should read:
25 grams size 8/0 beads - color A (Prussian blue pearl)

Stringing Sequence Should Read:
String 32" of color A
String 1 dagger + 12 color A, 1 dagger

String 7 repeats of the center section
  String  12 color A, 1 dagger
String 32" of color A  


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