Native Stripes
a pattern set for bead crochet ropes

May 1, 2012
e-book release at Bead Patterns

This pattern set is the result of an online project. It's based on inspirations and colors culled from textiles native to the Andes, where I spent many years. There are multiple pattern sections that are strung, added to the previous section, and crocheted into a 70" necklace. Each pattern segment can be used alone, modified, or combined with other segments to build individual ropes. The book contains complete instructions for constructing the necklace on the cover.

In early 2012, I did an on-line, Andean based String-Along. I designed a section, made a pattern, strung and crocheted it. Forty brave souls joined me, not knowing just what the next piece, let alone an entire necklace was going to look like. They received an email with a pattern section each week.

I used Native colors from the Altiplano of South America as inspiration and chose a set of colors. Each participant was free to use my colors or make their own color choices. We all looked at photos, and agonized over colors. Some changed their minds several times and bought different colors of beads. A few couldnít make up their minds and started more than one necklace in different color-ways. We all agreed that no matter how many beads any of us had, we never seemed to have exactly the right colors.

This pattern set is the result of that Summerís project and has all of the patterns and repeats that were used. You can make many different necklaces or bracelets from the material presented.



Variation crocheted by Toni in Great Britain


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Patterns that parallel a rope in Native Andean Colors


Grow a 70" long necklace from multiple pattern blocks and crochet it in manageable sections. This pattern set contains:

  • 36 pages of information

  • Native textile color inspiration

  • Design and construction methods

  • 3 complete projects

  • 16 pattern sections

  • 26 pattern repeats

  • Blank graph paper to copy and use

  • Adding in thread and invisible closure

  • Basic even count peyote instructions for the beaded bead fringe

    This book is the second of a series of pattern sets that are compilations of designs based on a theme.