Urban Stripes
a pattern set for bead crochet ropes

October 11, 2011
e-book release at Bead Patterns
Amazon print release in 2012

Over the years I have been asked for pattern instructions for some of my doubled necklaces. Iíve had to say no as they are not designed as a whole, but conceived as I string and crochet. I only think about the next pattern when Iím stringing it. These necklaces just grow and it would be difficult to go back and document just what I did.

In the Summer of 2011, I gave in to outside pressures and did an internet, on-line, String-Along. I designed a section, made a pattern, strung and crocheted it. Thirty four brave souls joined me, not knowing just what the next piece, let alone an entire necklace was going to look like. They received an email with a pattern section each week.

I used the Urban Landscape as inspiration and chose a set of colors. Each participant was free to use my colors or make their own color choices. We all looked at photos, and agonized over colors. Some changed their minds several times and bought different colors of beads. A few couldnít make up their minds and started more than one necklace in different color-ways. We all agreed that no matter how many beads any of us had, we never seemed to have exactly the right colors.

This pattern set is the result of that Summerís project and has all of the patterns and repeats that were used along with a few variations. You can make many different necklaces or bracelets from what is presented.

Urban Stripes bracelet,
crocheted by MA Weeks-Mayo

Amy wrote: "Let's hope many more enjoy it (Urban Stripes) as much as we did "

"...beautiful trendy jewelry ..I love the ethnic touch with classic look.",  Samual James

Peggy said, "Your string 'X' inches  method, makes doing (length) adjustments section by section very easy."

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Patterns that parallel a rope in Urban Colors


What possibilities . . . this pile of ropes are all from the same Urban Stripes pattern set

Grow a pair of necklaces from multiple patterns and crochet them in manageable sections.

  • 31 pages of information

  • Urban color inspiration

  • Design and construction tips

  • 3 necklace & 1 bracelet project

  • 16 length-adjustable pattern sections

  • 48 pattern repeats

  • Adding in thread and invisible closure

  • Blank graph paper to copy and use