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Beading & Other Links

rs-antg.jpg (12603 bytes)  Basic Bead Crochet Tutorials

Here you will find my very basic slip-stitch instructions
for making beaded crochet ropes.

An easy way to add onto your bead crochet rope
There is no need to string yards and yards of beads for a rope.
Here is a PDF download with the instructions.

Beverly Herman has an expanded how-to on slip-stitch bead crochet
at her site.  You might find it helpful

Lydia Borin at Bead Wrangler has fantastic single-crochet help as well
as animated left and right handed instructional videos.  She also has a

great selection of Jean Stitch thread for sale.

Ann Benson has one of the clearest set of bead-crochet instructions
that I've seen on the internet.

rs-blugr.jpg (15747 bytes)Rita Sova's Bead-Patterns
Looking for beading patterns?
Want more beaded crochet patterns?  Want to bead it tonight?
This great site carries both free patterns & tutorials as well as lots
of patterns to purchase & print out. I have a good selection of 
patterns, full instruction sets and eBooks there. 

.....and ..... Bead Patterns, The Magazine

You can reach me at: